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The Lakers lead 2-1 in the series: 9 records, the biggest difference in the first quarter, and Zhan Huangyi’s data history is unique.

On April 23, Beijing time, in the NBA playoffs, the Lakers beat the Grizzlies 111-101, and the total score of the series was 2-1. In this game, many Lakers players played well, with 31 points, 17 rebounds and 3 hats, James 25 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, Russell 17 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists, Reeves 13 points and 6 rebounds, and 16 points and 5 rebounds as a substitute for Eight Villages Base. Relying on excellent teamwork, the Lakers turned Morant’s 45 points, 9 rebounds and 13 assists back into futility, and set a number of team history records.

In this game, the Lakers played crazy offensive and defensive suppression from the first quarter, crushed the Grizzlies with a single score of 35-9, and gained a 26-point lead in one fell swoop, making their opponents encounter Waterloo in the first quarter. As soon as the game started in the second quarter, Ba Cunlei scored a three-pointer to expand the lead to 29 points, which is also the biggest difference between the two sides in this game.

After that, the Lakers continued to maintain an absolute lead. Although Brooks attacked James in the crotch and was expelled, and Morant scored 24 points in the last quarter to try to turn the tide, the Lakers always won the game by virtue of the huge advantage accumulated in the previous period, making Morant’s comeback campaign a tragedy and taking the lead in the series.

The Lakers set a number of records in this game.

First of all, when the series was at a 1-1 draw, the Lakers had won 9 consecutive victories in G3, surpassing the Bulls in 88-95 to monopolize the top spot in history. The last time they lost after 1-1, they had to go back to the finals in 2004.

Second, the Lakers led by 26 points in a single quarter, setting a record of net victory in the first quarter of the team’s history. The previous maximum difference was 21 points.

Third, a 26-point lead in a single quarter tied the biggest lead record in the first quarter of the league, which was achieved by the Bucks in 1970 and 2021.

Fourth, the Lakers let the Grizzlies get only 9 points in the first quarter, which made their opponents suffer the lowest score in a single quarter in the playoffs. The last time a single quarter failed to score in double figures, it still needs to be traced back to the Celtics for 16 years.

Fifth, Russell scored a 3+1 in the first quarter, which is the first time that a player has scored 3+1 in the Lakers playoffs since Kobe Bryant in 2009.

Sixth, thick eyebrows contributed 3 blocks in the audience and sent 15 blocks in the first three games, making him the first Laker to accomplish this achievement since O ‘Neal in 2004.

Seventh, thick eyebrows became the first Lakers player to get 30+15+3 blocks since Gasol;

The eighth and eighth village bases scored 16 points and scored 15+ in three consecutive games, making them the first Lakers substitute player to score 15+ in three consecutive games after Wharton in 2008.

Ninth, James became the only player in history who won 25+5+5 at least 100 times in the playoffs, and he accomplished this achievement 145 times.

According to the schedule, the next showdown between the two sides will continue at the Lakers’ home next Tuesday morning, Beijing time.

Sad night in football! Real Madrid Bayern made a reversal, the Red Army robbed the rich and helped the poor, and the London duo played a triumphant song.

On the weekend match day of the five major leagues, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, the three giants of the Premier League, played together and continued their journey to win the championship. Several families were happy and several were worried!

Real Madrid League has fallen behind Barcelona by nine points. Once we lose this round, the suspense of La Liga championship will basically come to an end! In the 25th round of La Liga, Real Madrid played against the Spaniards at the Bernabeu Stadium. Real Madrid lost the ball in just two minutes and experienced unprecedented difficulties! Looking at Real Madrid in adversity, Venezia Hughes once again stood up to help Real Madrid equalize the score, then Militao scored, asensio made great achievements, Real Madrid classic reversed the Spaniard at home, six points away from Barcelona in the case of one more game;

Before this round of competition, Bayern Munich had the same score as Dortmund, ranking first in the league with 49 points. Dortmund has just been eliminated in the Champions League, and the league title is Dortmund’s only pursuit this season. Bayern Munich wants to defend its title, and every game can’t be lost! In the 24th round of Bundesliga, Bayern played against augsburg at home. After falling behind 0-1, Bayern finally completed the reversal. Cancelo scored the first goal of Bayern’s career, pawar scored twice, and Sane scored a goal. In the end, Bayern beat augsburg 5-3, and continued to lead the Bundesliga standings for four consecutive games.

Liverpool just wiped out Manchester United 7-0 at home, in the 27th round of Premier League, Liverpool played against relegation team Bournemouth! Liverpool regretted losing 0-1 away, and once again staged robbing the rich to help the poor in the league! After the game, klopp bluntly said: "This is not our game!" Look at Liverpool, the Red Army. Since then, the situation of Liverpool against the three teams in the relegation zone has been updated: Nottingham Forest 1-0 Liverpool, Wolves 3-0 Liverpool, Bournemouth 1-0 Liverpool … The media even killed people and listed the data of character conservation: Liverpool gained 1 win and 1 loss in two rounds of 9-1 Bournemouth and 8-2 Manchester United, and lost six points in the league!

In the game against Nottingham Forest, Kane scored twice in the first half, and Sun Xingyu also scored in the second half. In the end, Tottenham beat Nottingham Forest 3-1 and stabilized the fourth place in the league! Harry Kane scored 20+ in a single season for the sixth time in his Premier League career, tying aguero, Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup and the Champions League. Keeping the top four in the league has become the only goal of the season.

Chelsea scored a double goal, won two consecutive victories at home and advanced to the quarter-finals of the Champions League! In the 27th away game of Premier League, leicester city was challenged, and Chelsea beat their opponents 3-1. Chelsea scored three goals in a single game for the first time in five months! Under Porter’s leadership, Chelsea finally moved towards revival, and strived to get the European qualification quota!

Official announcement! Rome’s appeal was rejected. Mourinho missed the Rome derby. Juventus was furious and Lazio was ecstatic.

According to the latest official news from the Italian National Court of Appeal for Sports, Rome coach Jose Mourinho’s two appeals for suspension have been rejected! Mourinho left in red because of a fierce verbal conflict with the fourth official in the match against Cremonese, the vice squad leader of Serie A! After the hearing, Mourinho will still be banned for two games and fined 10,000 euros.

Since then, Mourinho has been the third red star of the season and the top of the five major leagues! Mourinho was dyed red and should have missed the 25 th and 26 th round of Serie A, but the Italian Football Association said that the trial Committee did not think the previous ruling was mature because it was necessary to deepen the analysis of relevant cases. Therefore, let Mourinho continue the live broadcast of Juventus at home!

Finally, Juventus lost precious 3 points away! Mourinho’s on-the-spot adjustment has changed everything! Mourinho’s lineups against Juventus at home made all the preparations for allegri’s game go up in smoke. However, the rushing and hanging tactics to guard against the Roman center and the long pass from Rome found the shadow of the center in Rome. Dibala started in Rome and was at the forefront. Mourinho gained a magical effect tactically. After the team led by 1-0, Juventus began to fight back away from home. At this moment, Mourinho suddenly replaced Dibala, took off Abraham and Belloti one after another, and played the doubles center tactic. This decision of the Italian Football Association was greatly impacted, and it was naturally angry!

Mourinho’s postponement of suspension is mixed! Mourinho’s master on-the-spot scheduling cost Juventus three points and banned two games. Mourinho will miss Serie A’s 26-round home game against Sassuolo and 27-round away game against Lazio Rome! At present, Lazio ranks third in the league with 48 points, and Rome ranks fourth in the league with 47 points. This derby battle has had a huge impact on the final pattern of Serie A semi-finals!

Now Mourinho has unfortunately stopped and has no chance to continue to appear at the Olympic Stadium to direct the world-famous Rome Derby. Surrey and Lazio are ecstatic. However, Lazio can’t be too happy. This season, Mourinho has suffered two red card suspensions, and Rome has not been affected at all. Rome’s 0-1 Atalanta Mourinho was dyed red at home, Mourinho suspended a game, and then Rome defeated Inter Milan 2-1 away. Rome home 1:1 Turin Mu Shuai was dyed red! Mourinho suspended two games, and then Rome drew 1-0 at home and Bologna drew 2-2 away, and AC Milan remained unbeaten in three games.

Goodbye Manchester United! French media: Kane will go to Greater Paris to replace Neymar and assist Messi Mbappé.

Recently, Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham suffered big defeats in the Champions League. There is a rumor in French media that Harry Kane should consider moving away! The French media Parisian newspaper believes that Kane has only one year left on his contract, and he is eager to win the championship trophy. I think Kane must leave North London and move to Greater Paris.

Although he is the top scorer in the history of Tottenham, he has never won any championship trophy at the club. Tottenham needs massive reconstruction, which may take several years, and Kane, who will turn 30 this summer, can’t wait. On the contrary, Paris Saint-Germain lacks a suitable center, and Kane’s participation may finally make the club win the Champions League trophy.

Parisian newspaper believes that Paris Saint-Germain has attacking talents like Mbappé and Messi, but they often play on the wing. Neymar looks set to be sold this summer, and he also tends to take a wing. As a world-class center, Kane can play in the middle with ease, and he can score more than 20 goals for them in a season. Kane has played for Tottenham Hotspur for many years, but nothing has come of it. He deserves some honors. If he goes to Paris Saint-Germain, it is a shortcut to win the championship.

Kane may refuse to move to BIG6 in Premier League out of respect for Tottenham Hotspur, so it seems unlikely that he will move to Manchester United. Even David Levy, the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, is unwilling to do business with his opponents in the league. On the other hand, if Tottenham are willing to sell Kane, the offer from Greater Paris may be more attractive to Levy. Kane is a professional player, he will never let himself down, but obviously, he is frustrated with Tottenham’s failure.

Kane should not be wasted on Tottenham. The future of this team is worrying. The strength of teammates in the center and backcourt is relatively average. Sun Xingyi’s state has declined this season. Young Kulusevski and Richarlyson are not reliable strikers.

In contrast, Arsenal is the king of North London, and Tottenham needs a large-scale reconstruction to rival its rivals in North London, but no one knows how long it will take. It’s time for Kane to move on and start over. A player with strength and dedication like him should win the trophy. Paris Saint-Germain may be Kane’s best home to achieve this goal.

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Generative AI is deliberately hyping the heat.

Shirin Ghaffary, a senior editor of Vox magazine, said that although people’s propaganda of generative artificial intelligence is too exaggerated, in most people’s eyes, generative artificial intelligence is far superior to the concepts of web3.0 and metauniverse. Millions of people can use generative artificial intelligence to write, draw, or write code.

Although it is still a new technology, in fact, everyone can quickly understand the potential value of generative artificial intelligence technology in applications like ChatGPT, DALL-E or Lensa.

Therefore, many companies are scrambling to benefit from both large and small models. In Silicon Valley, in the last 20 years, there has been no substantial technological breakthrough. And the personal computer that appeared in the 1980 s; The network was widely used in the 1990s. At the beginning of this century, mobile phones and software packages based on mobile phones occupied a dominant position.

Now, the technical field is looking forward to the next important technology. Some people speculate that it will be Web3.0 or AR/VR. Nowadays, many people regard generative AI as a powerful direction. But in Silicon Valley, there is often a feeling of being too ambitious about new technologies.

After witnessing the prosperity and decline of digital currency and the ambitious metauniverse, many people may ask: Is the prosperity of productive artificial intelligence just a kind of propaganda? Like Google and Microsoft, technology giants such as Meta, Snap, Instacart are rapidly introducing artificial intelligence technology into their mainstream software.

With the increasing shortage of capital in Silicon Valley, the heated discussion on generative AI has triggered a wave of investment from new startups. In the last month of this year, the biggest venture capital of the two industries were concentrated on the startups of production artificial intelligence. Jasper is a marketing website in Austin, Texas, USA. It just completed its first investment of $125 million in October, valued at $15 billion.

In the same month, StabiliteAI, a company with offices in London and San Francisco, also claimed to have received an initial investment of $101 million.

"We will encounter such a wave of technology every 14 years." James Courier, co-founder of technology venture capital firm NFX, said.

Since ChatGPT gained more than 100 million monthly users in January, some analysts said that more and more startups are trying to introduce this technology into the commercial field, develop enterprise-level applications based on its language mode, or use similar generative artificial intelligence features.

Artificial Intelligence Governance and Practice of Sustainable Development

This white paper comprehensively summarizes Alibaba’s practice in the field of AI governance and sustainable development, focusing on the current hot issues in AI application, and systematically introduces our practice ideas and methods from the aspects of data, technology, management and multi-collaboration. At the same time, it is explained with some special topics, hoping to provide useful reference for all sectors of society.

At present, artificial intelligence technology is developing vigorously, widely empowering thousands of industries, and bringing profound changes to human production and life. While artificial intelligence promotes social development, there are also risks and challenges.

A large number of artificial intelligence governance and development principles have been formed all over the world. The next step is to put the abstract principles into practice. As an important force in the research and development and application of enterprise artificial intelligence technology, it is urgent to explore a set of artificial intelligence governance practice system suitable for its own business development, implement all governance requirements into the whole life cycle of artificial intelligence, and lay the foundation for the release of artificial intelligence dividends with effective governance, thus accelerating the realization of sustainable development vision.

AI001: White Paper on Artificial Intelligence Core Technology Industry

AI 002: 2021 Love to analyze the application trend report of artificial intelligence

AI003: Data Security Risks and Governance of Artificial Intelligence

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AI 006: 2020 China Artificial Intelligence Business Landing

AI007: White Paper on the New Generation of Artificial Intelligence

AI008: The Way to Win in the Future of Artificial Intelligence

AI009: White Paper on New Infrastructure Development of Artificial Intelligence

AI010: Tencent Artificial Intelligence White Paper

Typical case of ai 011: 5 Gai

AI 012: AI+White Paper on the Development and Application of Higher Education

AI013: China AI+ Retail Industry Development Research Report

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AI 015: Panorama of AI Industry

AI 016: 2020 China AI Application Trend Report

AI 017: 2021 AI Intelligent Manufacturing Research Report

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AI 19: 2021 Research Report on the Development of Cognitive Intelligence

AI020: Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Exploration and Practice Case Set

AI 021: 2021 AI China-Taiwan White Paper

AI 022: 2021 Global Research Report on the Application of Artificial Intelligence Education

AI 023: 2021 White Paper on Trusted Artificial Intelligence

AI024: China AI+ Security Industry Development Research Report

AI 25: 2021 White Paper on Intelligence in the Cloud

AI 26: 2021 Research Report on Artificial Intelligence+Medical and Life Sciences Industry in China

AI027: China Cloud Native AI Development Platform White Paper

AI028:2021 Application Research of AIoT in China Smart City

AI029: White Paper on Empowering Urban Space Management in China AI Middle and Taiwan

AI030: White Paper on Cognitive Neural Basis of Artificial Intelligence

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AI 045: 2022 China AI Commercial Landing Research Report

AI046: China AI Technology Application Scenarios Market Research and Selection Evaluation

AI 047: 2022 Financial AI Development Research Report

AI048: Report on the Ecological Development of Trusted Artificial Intelligence Industry (2022)

AI 049: 2022 China Dialogue AI Industry Development White Paper
AI050: White Paper on Application Practice of Artificial Intelligence Technology
AI051: White Paper on Artificial Intelligence Standardization (2021 Edition)
AI052: Annual Report on Ethical Governance of Artificial Intelligence in Shang Tang (2022)
AI053: An Efficient Investigation Report of Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Course
AI 054: 2022 White Paper on the Development of Artificial Intelligence

AI 055: 2022 White Paper on Medical AI Industry Research

AI056: White Paper on Practice of Artificial Intelligence Governance and Sustainable Development

The following is part of the report.

How to digitalize the supply chain and meet the market demand?

Dr. Hendrik Witt, Chief Product Officer of TeamViewer

Affected by the epidemic situation and geopolitical challenges, all walks of life have set off an upsurge of digital development, and the manufacturing industry is no exception. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), British manufacturers are facing the worst shortage of workers since 1989, and efficiency has become more important to the current manufacturing industry than ever before. In order to meet the supply demand, digital transformation has become the top priority of British manufacturers. However, the opportunity of supply chain digitalization has just sprouted.

Face the supply chain problem directly

Although labor shortage has had many impacts on manufacturers, there is still a lot of work to be done to solve this problem. Manufacturers must first know something about digitalization and understand the potential it can bring to the industry. In 2021, the research committee of German Business Daily and TeamViewer found that only 33% of logistics companies in Europe have formulated digital transformation strategies. Even more surprising, according to TeamViewer’s research data this year, only 45% of manufacturing and logistics workers think that their industry will be closely linked with digital communication technology and collaboration software.

Enterprises need to make digital investment in the whole supply chain to make it more flexible and flexible to cope with the dynamic and changing global economy. Front-line workers should get the support of digital technology and complete the corresponding work to meet the supply demand. If the right solutions are not deployed, enterprises are likely to fall behind because they fail to give full play to their digital potential. What else can we do to realize the digitalization of the front line?

Smart glasses, smart work

Workers in manufacturing and logistics industries can wear smart glasses to improve their daily work performance in the workshop. The working principle of smart glasses is to use augmented reality (AR) technology to directly project instructions into workers’ vision, just like heads-up displays in cars, to assist front-line workers to work efficiently and safely. Smart glasses can also automatically record work steps, free workers’ hands and improve their ability and productivity.

In addition, smart glasses can also be applied to the food industry, through artificial intelligence technology, using image recognition to verify the quality of goods. In this process, the software running on the smart glasses will compare the actual state and the target state of the products produced, so as to improve the accuracy of workers and optimize the product quality of customers.

Another important application of smart glasses in the food industry is to support the maintenance of health and safety standards. The glasses can check whether employees are wearing mandatory sanitary gloves and help improve the safety of food and workplace.

Smart glasses can improve the work performance of front-line workers, improve their ability, efficiency and work accuracy to meet the supply chain needs of enterprises.

Deploy artificial intelligence

The purpose of deploying artificial intelligence for front-line workers is to improve the daily working life and routine working procedures of workers in manufacturing and logistics industries. By deploying artificial intelligence in the workshop, the working accuracy and efficiency of the workers in manufacturing and logistics industries will be improved.

There are many advantages to deploying artificial intelligence, such as automation and quality control. Artificial intelligence can automatically alert workers to problems in the workplace, such as the whereabouts of goods in the warehouse. It can also check and confirm the working steps, thus optimizing the quality control in the process and greatly improving the working accuracy.

Therefore, deploying artificial intelligence in the front line can not only improve business efficiency, but also improve employee satisfaction and maintain health and safety standards. All these are important factors to retain employees, and this is the great challenge faced by enterprises in this industry.

Empowering the future-oriented supply chain with Industry 4.0

By combining artificial intelligence with wearable technology to create "enhanced intelligence", enterprises can give full play to the potential of their supply chain, and more importantly, their front-line employees. As we all know, enhancing intelligence will change our business situation. In the future, with the advancement of Industry 4.0, enterprises around the world will soon use it in different scenarios. Enterprises need to ensure that they can keep pace with new technologies such as wearable devices, so as to guarantee future production lines, alleviate labor shortage and lead the industry into a new digital era.

About TeamViewer Company

TeamViewer is a top technology company in the world. By providing a powerful connection platform, it supports users to remotely access, control, manage, monitor and repair any type of equipment, from laptops and mobile phones to industrial machinery and robots, and truly realizes barrier-free connection. TeamViewer’s private non-commercial use is all free, and at the same time, it has over 620,000 subscribers, helping companies of all sizes and industries to digitize key business processes through seamless connection. Against the background of global equipment proliferation, automation and new working forms, TeamViewer not only makes a far-sighted digital transformation, but also continues to innovate in the fields of augmented reality, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Since its establishment in 2005, TeamViewer’s software has been installed on more than 2.5 billion devices worldwide. Headquartered in G? ttingen, Germany, the company has about 1,400 employees worldwide. In 2021, TeamViewer achieved a turnover of 548 million euros. TeamViewer AG (TMV) is listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has been included in MDAX index.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, so you should be careful in your choice! This article is for reference only, not for sale.

Foreign tourists came to Shanghai to play, and saw the beauty of "Drip Lake", distance: This lake is very beautiful

Shanghai is my country’s GDP city. The prosperity of this city has penetrated the brand. In addition to the prosperity of Shanghai, the scenery is also very attractive. There are many tourists in Shanghai and other holidays every summer. This year is no exception, it will be found in a very inclusive city.

Many people also show us the charm and prosperity of Shanghai. Many foreign tourists arrived in Shanghai, and I was surprised after seeing the beauty of "Drip Lake". Can’t help but call: This lake is so beautiful.

"Diaoshui Lake" is a very famous tourist attraction in Shanghai. This place can also be impressed by many tourists. This is a beautiful landscape created by a man. The location is very good. The location here is not bad, it is close to the city center. There are many development opportunities for transportation and prosperity. But in the drip lake in the suburbs of Shanghai, the environment here is relatively quiet. There is no hustle and bustle of the city. For tourists, such an environment is more intimate. The name of the Dishui Lake is also very large. Many tourists can play a role in dripping lakes every year.

The dripping water in Nanhui New City, Shanghai, China, this is the "National Water Resources Scenic Area" ten years ago. Although the titer of Dishui Lake is relatively biased, the transportation is convenient, less than 80 kilometers from the city center. It will be over an hour. Although it is an artificial lake, which is less natural than nature, it is also good to provide you with visual enjoyment. Overlooking the entire drip lake from the air, the lake will be found, just like an emerald disc on the ground. The Dishui Lake District is also relatively large. The radius of about 1300 meters. Standing by the drip lake, it is easy to impact with this huge lake. It can be seen that there are many efforts to build such dripping lakes.

Di Shui Lake is calm, the lake is very clear, the lake is flashing, standing on the lake, the distance from the lake connects the sky, many people will stand by the lake and take pictures. There are three islands on Dishui Lake. These islands are also very beautiful tourist attractions. Each island can bring you different travel experiences. There are many entertainment projects on the southern island. Most of these projects are related to water. Many tourists will encounter various entertainment activities when appreciating the scenery.

In addition to entertainment facilities, there are many yachts on this island. Visitors are relatively attractive. The island area in the west is not very large. Mainly providing accommodation. Going to Diaoshui Lake, the beautiful scenery can easily wander everyone. After playing tired, you can stay on the west of the island for one night. Open the window at night, breeze, and see dripping lakes at night, this is also a very wonderful experience. The northern island may be an impression of an island, and this island is very distinctive. The island is large, nearly 240,000 square meters.

There is a large entertainment park on the island. Everyone is very familiar with everyone, with various entertainment projects, such as rolling wheels, and so on. But on this island, in addition to common entertainment projects, there is also a "blue whale performance art center", which is very attractive. Here, you can see the beautiful blue whale, and you can see their wonderful performances.

In addition to these islands, there are many beautiful landscapes around Dishui Lake. Although the location of the Dishui Lake is partially, the scenery will never be omitted. There is also a China Navigation Museum. I can understand the local navigation history of the museum.


8.11 cold flow migration place during provisioning TCPIP stack operation

useProvisioningTCP / IP StackCold isolation migration flow VM cloning and snapshots, and assign a default gateway for this purpose a dedicated traffic, routing tables, and DNS configurations. To enable provisioning TCP / IP stack, please assign a new VMkernel adapter.

During operation

1, shown in Figure 1, in vSphere Web Client, navigate toHost. existmanage, SelectThe internetAnd then select VMkernel adapter. ClickAdd a host network(icon).

2, as shown in FIG. 2, in the "Select the connection type"Page, select VMkernel network adapter, Then clickNext step.

3, as shown in Figure 3, in the "Select the target device"Page, select Switch Network VMkernel adapter and clickNext step. Here is our previously existing network has been built for vMotion network.

4, as shown in FIG. 4, in the "Port Properties"Page, from TCP / IP StackDrop-down menu, selectProvisioning. Provisioning traffic will become the only enabled services.Not this VMkernel Adapter for flow type other than provisioning.

5, (optional): as shown in FIG. 5, in the "IPv4 set up"Page, select the option to obtain an IP address.

6, see "will complete"Selected on the Page Setup, then clickFinish.

in conclusion:existProvisioning TCP / IP After you create a VMkernel adapter on the stack, this stack can only be used on this hostCold migration, cloning and snapshots. The default TCP / IP stack VMkernel adapter for Provisioning services are disabled. If a live migration using the default TCP / IP stack, and you have to use provisioning TCP / IP stack to configure the VMkernel adapter, data transfer will be completed successfully. However, the default VMkernel adapter on the stack TCP / IP for future cold migration, cross-host cloning and snapshot session is disabled.

Heavy weight! Haiqing video brand VI new upgrade

With the development of high data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc. In 2021, China’s artificial intelligent industry has reached 203.56 billion yuan, a growth rate of 28.8%.

Science and technology development promotes the sudden rise in industry, with artificial intelligence core algorithm, energy intelligence, etc. The trend of cross-border fusion is more obvious. This important opportunity, recent, Haiqing video officially launched a new brand VI image, and the brand strategy is upgraded, starting from a new image.

In 2013, Haiqing video was formally established. Wind and rain, seven years,Haiqing video starts from-side computing product R & D manufacturer transforms for an AI algorithm + product companyTo provide customers with more accurate and efficient product services with more product forms and industrial chain advantages.

Many years of development allows Haiqing video with deep accumulation and precipitation on the brand. The new upgrade of this brand VI will become a cultural symbol on behalf of the company’s brand image, bringing users more calm, trustful feelings, and creates a more professional and commercial value for the company.

Logo rejg, concept upgrade

Haiqing video new version of LOGO design is inspired by visual and infinite symbols. It is guided, leading to the core, and highlights Haiqing video will lead the industry development and promote scientific and technological innovation.

The highly aggressive line plus simple, stable, intuitive font design, reflects the overall brand image of Haiqing video, the scientific skills and futuristic coexistence, that is, the industry attributes of Haiqing video, meaning that Haiqing video is steadily developing Innovation.

In the application, it will give the company’s logo element for refining, with blue, white for the main color adjustment in company business card, work card, handbag, and Yi Li treasure and other office environment, print publications and other materials, and strengthen Haiqing in daily The penetration and participation of life work, the diversified design style also makes the public have a more deep memory point for the sea.


Brand upgrade and break, build a vision of AI

Brand is invisible for business. Brand VI is the most direct ring of corporate image and public contact, it is necessary to continuously adjust and change according to the development of the company’s development trajectory and brand. In particular, in 2020, as the development of Haiqing video, based on 7 years of sedimentation accumulation and market situation, brand strategy is the result of the development evolution of the company.

At the same time, as an important part of the upgrade construction of Hailing video strategyTechnology exhibition hallSuccessfully closed, lasting about 3 months, covering an area of ??about 500m2. The entire exhibition hall is mainly coveredCompany introduction, strategic development, technical display area, product experience area, qualification honorIn terms of, the technology and product strength of Haiqing video is displayed in all directions.

Haiqing video

Into the Haiqing Technology Showroom, can be seen by intuitive, image, vivid digital display means and multimedia imaging methods,Applying to the industry, empowering the industrial AI face recognition series products and core algorithmsThe multi-dimensional interpretation of Haiqing brand new brand image and strength. Relying on artificial intelligence depth learning, image identification, AI data storage, etc., which has prompted Haiqing AI face recognition series to continuously update iteration, and has achieved huge success on various scenarios such as smart construction, smart community, intelligent transportation.

AI is being redefined, more and more industries open the wisdom upgrade process, the in-depth expansion of AI + application scenarios, driving the new market pattern.

Haiqing Video has been deeply cultivated in the field of Ai, and scientific and technological strength is widely recognized by the industry. The brand strategy upgrade is the reflection of Haiqing’s response to industry changes and active changes. Since January 2021, Haiqing video will gradually transition to a new brand VI system, and promote the full-time scene of AI.