Red Hat and IBM Research Institute released AI community project to lower the threshold of enterprise IT automation.

Red Hat and IBM Research Institute released AI community project to lower the threshold of enterprise IT automation.

Red Hat recently announced the cooperation with IBM Research to launch the first community project "Project Wisdom", which aims to build intelligent functions and natural language processing capabilities for Ansible and IT automation industries. This project uses artificial intelligence (AI) model to improve the productivity of IT automation developers, and helps IT professionals with different skills and backgrounds to practice and understand IT automation.

According to the survey of IDC, a market research organization, by 2026, 85% of enterprises will combine human skills with AI, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and graphic recognition to build forward-looking thinking, and improve the productivity and efficiency of employees by 25%. In addition, technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, graphic recognition and knowledge map are also providing insights, predictions and suggestions that are more accurate and scene-aware.

However, becoming an automation expert requires a lot of effort and resources over time, and needs to explore different fields by using the learning curve. Therefore, the two parties jointly launched Project Wisdom project, which aims to eliminate the gap between Ansible YAML program code and human language. Users can generate program code with correct grammar and automatic functions only by simple English sentences.

Project Wisdom is derived from IBM’s AI basic model "AI for Code". Users only need to input simple English sentences to generate instructions. Project Wisdom then parses sentences and builds automated workflow required by users, and wrITes it in Ansible Playbook form to automatically perform any number of IT tasks.

At the same time, Project Wisdom can assist the system administrators who usually provide local services, and use natural language to generate Playbook instructions, so as to create, configure and operate across domains in other environments. Developers who are familiar with how to build applications, but are not familiar with their cloud computing configuration, can also use Project Wisdom to improve their proficiency in related fields and realize business transformation. In addition, novices in different departments can immediately produce content without relying on the traditional teaching mode, while still accumulating basic knowledge.

According to Red Hat, unlike other AI-driven program code tools, Project Wisdom does not focus on application development, but helps enterprises solve enterprise IT challenges that have become increasingly complex due to the expansion of hybrid cloud adoption. Enterprises can lower barriers to entry and solve the challenge of gradually expanding skill gap through intelligent solutions.


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