Five intelligent translation artifacts are recommended, which can be switched at will in many languages. It is recommended to collect them!

Five intelligent translation artifacts are recommended, which can be switched at will in many languages. It is recommended to collect them!

Hello, everyone, I’m a senior brother.

There are endless translation tools on the market. In order for everyone to use the really useful ones, today, my senior brother is here to give you a summary of five pro-testing and useful translation tools. Their translation accuracy and efficiency are very high, so friends in need should collect them quickly!

1. Tencent Translation Jun

Tencent’s online translation website, which supports artificial intelligence translation, has a very simple interface and no advertisements, so it is convenient to translate sentences, short articles, etc.

It supports translation and simultaneous interpretation in 17 languages, with accurate and efficient language recognition, and is suitable for foreign exchanges, speeches, conferences, etc.

Open the website, copy the content to be translated into a blank text box, then set the translation language, click the "Translate" button, and you can finish the translation soon. You can also play the translation result or correct the error, and finally copy the translated text directly.

2. Ali translation

Easy-to-use online real-time translation website, which supports translation in many fields, including e-commerce, medical care and finance, covering 214 languages such as Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese;

At the same time, it also provides professional and powerful voice and image recognition technology, which can be used to translate documents, pictures, videos, voices, etc.

After entering the website, we can translate the text directly, set up the industry/field at the top to improve the translation accuracy, select the translation language, and then enter the original text in the blank box, and the website will automatically give the translation result, and copy it directly.

3. Netease is a stranger

A workbench that supports online transfer of audio and video files. The platform has a wealth of translation tools, which can quickly translate our uploaded documents, audio, video, pictures, etc.

At the same time, online editing is also supported, and the translation results can be exported to local files, which is very simple to use.

For example, the "video translation" function of the website can quickly generate Chinese and English bilingual subtitles for our uploaded video files.

After logging in to the website, select this function, upload the video file to be translated, fill in the project name and translation language, and finally click Submit, and the translation will be completed soon, with good accuracy.

4. Baidu translation

Many small partners should have used Baidu Translate’s web page for online translation, but in fact it also has PC, which is a very small translator;

You can not only directly input or paste text in the text box for translation, but also support functions such as document translation, screenshot translation, and scratch translation.

The software supports the translation of many languages. According to the content to be translated, general fields such as biomedicine, electronic technology, water conservancy machinery, etc. can be set to make the translation results more accurate.

For example, if we have a document to be translated now, we can just use its "document translation" function to upload the document for translation.

After the translation is finished, we can edit or export the translated text, but there is only one chance to edit and export the file for free.


At work, we often use WPS to read and edit various documents, but in fact, the software contains many practical gadgets.

Such as file format conversion, full-text translation, screenshot extraction, image translation, etc., so we can use WPS to translate the whole document, document fragments or images in the document.

We can preview the translation results and compare them with the original text, or view the complete translation results, and finally download the translation results document.

However, the translation function of the software is not completely free to use, and some translation functions can only be used by opening members.

How about it? Are you full of gains after reading the article?


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