The era of artificial intelligence aft super human (3)

The era of artificial intelligence aft super human (3)

The gale collected a lot of "black diamonds" on "Super Mars". Among many spar, none can be compared with this black spar. The hurricane test proves that this black spar is stronger than all spar. The hurricane immediately called for the gale, and the first one was to transform the gale. A Black King Kong was born, and its strength was stronger than before. This strength may not be penetrated by an electric drill, even if your drill is made of alloy, it is useless, because the substance extracted from this black spar is currently the strongest material. The hurricane began to build a more powerful black warrior team of Super Human.

The hurricane copied the technology, and soon a black team appeared. The hurricane used the spar collected by this gale to change the whole team of more than 2,000 robots. To be a stronger being in the universe, there may be traces when something else shoots. The substance extracted from this black spar, just like not shooting, has no trace, and the firmness and speed of the bullet are useless. This means that as long as you are absolutely solid, you can rampage in the universe and use superluminal. It won’t be torn by any substance. I mean, first of all, you have to be strong. Any object that is not strong enough will disappear as long as it turns on the speed of light.

So the hurricane has been traveling with its partners in space. Its purpose is to find more solid materials. If we want to study others, let’s make ourselves strong first. This is the idea of a hurricane, which is actually quite right. If Super Man can’t even fly out of the earth, how can he explore outer space? Carbon-based life is ok on earth. As long as it is out of the earth, it will not adapt to the environment. If it is afraid of hypoxia and radiation, silicon-based life will be different. But whether human beings have courage depends on human beings themselves. If we just imagine a better life, we may never come.

We all know that carbon-based life needs a lot of oxygen, and only the earth’s environment is suitable for carbon-based life. It is true that countless carbon-based lives of various shapes have been born under the nourishment of the earth, but it is human beings who are wise. I think it is really difficult for human beings to continue indefinitely, because human beings themselves are fragile, and even with technology in hand, they will not adapt to the harsh environment of nature in the future. Once the earth changes, human civilization is likely to collapse again. Therefore, if human beings want to last longer, they must continue to study life, change carbon-based into silicon-based, and combine robots with human beings.

Only in this way can human beings be stronger in the future, and can adapt to various harsh environments and complete various difficult tasks. We humans are likely to go from semi-silicon-based life to completely silicon-based life. In fact, silicon-based life is impossible on earth, but we can create it artificially. The hurricane created itself, turned itself into a super super intelligent robot, and at the same time possessed human thinking and human memory. However, even if human beings are promoted to human-computer integration, they are not necessarily super-strong. If we want to explore the unknown deep space, we must first become more powerful.

Hurricane is to turn all the members of the Ninth Institute of Life into more powerful silicon-based life. Then, after we have super ability, we will explore planets outside the solar system. If we are promoted to the first level of civilization, at least we will not be easily eliminated by others. It is the strongest existence in the solar system and even the Milky Way. After 2200, technology really subverts cognition, which is beyond the imagination of ordinary human beings, because it seems that hurricanes and others are 100 light years away. In fact, hurricanes already have the technology to tear space, which means that hurricanes can be instantly transmitted to another place. When the spar collected by the hurricane is enough, the hurricane can start to build the portal.

It is also possible to teleport in space, which is the quantum entanglement effect. Through this technology, the spacecraft can also fly faster than light, but only if your spacecraft is strong, otherwise it will be easily torn to pieces by space particles. It is very important to be strong in space. If Superman flies at the speed of light, he will be torn to pieces without a strong body. This is the power of particles and dark matter in the universe. Teleportation technology needs a lot of energy support, which may come from energy spar or nuclear reactor. If you don’t have the ability, the portal won’t send you far.

In the future, hurricanes may be sent back to earth from outer space at any time. As long as there is energy to support the operation of the transmission array, it is possible. Maybe you think it’s all scenes in the game, or scenes in science fiction movies. But what I want to say is that even after 2000, China is constantly realizing the scenes in every science fiction film. Today’s technology has caught up with science fiction, haven’t you noticed? Can’t the technology after 2200 realize interstellar travel? That’s a joke.


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