The national derby is coming! An Shuai: Barcelona is dead! De Jong: I hope to beat Real Madrid 4-0 again.

The national derby is coming! An Shuai: Barcelona is dead! De Jong: I hope to beat Real Madrid 4-0 again.

"Barcelona is now dead, and only Sunday can bring them back from the dead. We can’t make them win any more. In the final! " Spain’s national derby is in full swing, and this time Ancelotti really hopes to win the championship.

Last season, in the second round of the Spanish national derby, although a bitter defeat of 0-4 could not prevent Real Madrid from winning the league, the first collision and loss with Harvey still made Ancelotti (including all the fans of Real Madrid) bitter, and now the time for revenge has finally arrived! According to the British newspaper AS, before Real Madrid’s home match against Barcelona, Real Madrid coach Ancelotti shouted loudly to encourage the players before the match, saying that if you want the national derby to be a member of the final, you must beat Barcelona at home!

Real Madrid’s Champions League group stage has entered the knockout stage of the Champions League ahead of schedule with 10 points in 4 games. In the next month, we can focus on the league. Real Madrid and Barcelona currently share 22 points, and this national derby is the number one battle. Barcelona, on the other hand, unfortunately fell into the death group in the Champions League group stage, only scored 4 points in 4 games, leaving only theoretical possibility of qualifying.

Just like Ancelotti, if Barcelona wants to be reborn with blood, the most exciting and almost only one way to go this season is to beat Real Madrid in the league and win the league championship again! Ancelotti had made it clear that Real Madrid would be the last stop in his coaching career before he expected to defend his position as coach, and his coaching career would end the moment he left Real Madrid. Even Ancelotti didn’t know that he could coach several matches of the Spanish national derby. This time Ancelotti wanted to win more than anyone else.

After the 3-3 Warring States draw, Barcelona executives still believe in Harvey. The victory or defeat of this national derby is not directly related to life and death, but in the Spanish national derby, there are always topics and highlights. De Jong said: "I hope we can beat Real Madrid 4-0 again, but it will be a very difficult battle." Messi ranked first with 26 goals and Cristiano Ronaldo ranked second with 18 goals in the national derby history scorer list. Without Mero’s national derby, there would be a new story.

Ancelotti said in an interview before the game that courtois felt good and would play in Barcelona. After all, he had no training for 10 days. If it is impossible, there is Lu Ning B plan to choose from. However, Lai played four games in the match between Bernabeu and Real Madrid, but he never won a game with two draws and two losses! In the first nine games against Real Madrid, Dembele never scored a goal, only sending five assists.

Spain’s National Derby-The Great War is just around the corner. Barcelona will fall to the Bernabeu in red and blue? Who can expect the legendary swordsman in the decisive battle with Xavi Ancelotti? ? We will wait and see.


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