Beijing Runfeng School held the promotion meeting of "AI Empowerment Classroom Evaluation" project.

Beijing Runfeng School held the promotion meeting of "AI Empowerment Classroom Evaluation" project.

With the implementation of "2035 Plan" and "Double Reduction", it has greatly promoted the development of science and technology+education, brought education modernization into the campus and changed the traditional education mode.

Under the guidance of President Zhang Yibao, Beijing Runfeng School is also in full swing to explore the AI empowerment classroom evaluation project. The project team led by Wang Su, director of the Chinese Academy of Education, conducted three online trainings for teachers in the middle and late October with the themes of "classroom teaching evaluation of artificial intelligence based on new curriculum standards", "classroom teaching diagnosis of AI empowerment under the background of new curriculum standards" and "SOLO classification theory and its application in core literacy evaluation".

On October 24th, 2022, in order to further promote the development of the project, Beijing Runfeng School held a project promotion meeting of "AI Empowerment Classroom Evaluation". President Zhang Yibao of the school and all the members of the research institute of "AI Empowerment Classroom Evaluation" project participated in the seminar, and the teachers shared their gains and thoughts on the three online trainings.

Teachers have said that they have gained a lot, learned about the data collection standards in the solo Classification Theory Classroom Evaluation Scale, and realized that classroom evaluation and diagnosis is not an end, but more about accurately diagnosing the teaching content through peer classroom evaluation, and then changing and optimizing the teaching. AI-enabled course teaching diagnosis is to do this. Learning and thinking methods are divided into comparison and classification, association and imagination analysis, and comprehensive induction. As a tool, it helps students to do self-test and self-optimization. With the introduction of more new technologies into the campus, AI-enabled classroom evaluation and diagnosis is still at a stage from 0 to 1. Teachers can also feel that the classroom needs this technology. It can objectively evaluate each lesson, effectively conform to the students’ cognitive law, and is also a continuous support for children’s thinking development.

Principal’s summary

"Follow the Opportunity: Growing and Creating in the Action Research of High-end Specialty"

Finally, President Zhang Yibao made a summary of the meeting based on everyone’s learning and training experience and harvest sharing, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the promotion of the AI empowerment classroom evaluation project in the next stage. He said:

The action research of "AI Empowerment Classroom Evaluation" project is modern, advanced and creative, and it is an opportunity and symbol to highlight the future core competitiveness research. The content of this research is a national project, which is jointly sponsored by China Education Society and China Academy of Education. The opportunity is rare, and every teacher in the project may and may have the opportunity to become a "seed teacher" of this research in the future. For the first batch of researchers, explorers, practitioners and constructors of the "AI-enabled classroom evaluation" project, the host will also hold a national sharing meeting on the research of the project, which may become the exhibitor and classroom practice of the project in the future.

At present, our initial research mainly focuses on English, mathematics and English, which will be helpful to every teacher’s career development and students’ learning effect. In daily teaching activities, using innovative evaluation tools and modern information technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, exploring the longitudinal evaluation of students’ learning elements in the whole process and the horizontal evaluation of all elements of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor, vigorously developing artificial intelligence technology and actively exploring the integration and development of artificial intelligence and educational evaluation are important measures and the only way to promote wisdom education in China. Classroom teaching evaluation is an important part of educational evaluation system. Trying to carry out classroom teaching evaluation under artificial intelligence is helpful to enrich the evaluation content, change the evaluation methods, record the growth track and promote the efficient development of intelligent evaluation.

The theme and strategy of our school-based promotion in the next stage is "Follow the opportunity: grow and create in the action research of high-end majors".

First, "follow".According to the project standards, closely following the unified deployment of project team experts, collecting a large amount of information through teachers’ on-site classroom according to the content and schedule, building resources, and constructing the architecture element system of big data resource base for classroom AI evaluation through big data interconnection.

Second, "follow the learning".Let each of our project experiment teachers continue to study and research on the shoulders of "giants", so as to improve their professional quality, cultural heritage and comprehensive ability.

Third, "follow the enlightenment".Teachers need to study the new curriculum standards in depth, learn SOLO and DOK evaluation theories, combine their own classroom practice, feel the theory, understand the logic, and inform the students, and apply the opinions and suggestions put forward in the front-line teaching research process to the teaching practice, so that teaching and learning can learn from each other and learn from others by analogy.

Fourth, "follow the evaluation".Classroom teaching evaluation is based on teachers’ teaching and students’ learning, focusing on improving teachers’ teaching ability and classroom teaching quality. From the perspective of its value implication, classroom teaching evaluation is a process of value judgment under the cooperation of multiple subjects, a process of collecting various information to discover value, a process of accurately collecting information to provide decision-making for teaching improvement, and a process of giving full play to its feedback function and developing value. At present, the traditional classroom teaching evaluation is characterized by internal and external multi-evaluation, evaluation and judgment of process and performance. Driven by artificial intelligence technology, it will promote the reform of classroom teaching evaluation in the aspects of evaluation subject, content, method and result, realize the accurate collection of real classroom and track the growth track of teachers and students.

Fifth, "follow it".With the help of artificial intelligence technology, face recognition, speech recognition and other technologies are used to automatically calculate, analyze and evaluate the performance information of teachers and students in classroom teaching. So that teachers can get the feedback data of the evaluation system in class in real time, and master all the students’ listening situation, so as to adjust the teaching contents and methods in time and remind the "distracted" students. The classroom teaching evaluation under artificial intelligence speeds up the evaluation process, improves the feedback effect of classroom teaching evaluation on teachers’ teaching and students’ learning, and realizes the efficient development of classroom teaching evaluation.

We believe and expect that with the help of experts such as Director Wang of Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences and Dr. Yuan, and with the cooperation and co-construction of peer leading teachers in national experimental schools, our Runfeng School will surely promote the experimental process of "AI Empowerment Classroom Evaluation" project, provide students with an efficient and high-level learning environment, fuel teachers’ scientific research ability and accelerate their professional growth, and contribute to the high-quality development of the school.


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