Artificial Intelligence Governance and Practice of Sustainable Development

Artificial Intelligence Governance and Practice of Sustainable Development

This white paper comprehensively summarizes Alibaba’s practice in the field of AI governance and sustainable development, focusing on the current hot issues in AI application, and systematically introduces our practice ideas and methods from the aspects of data, technology, management and multi-collaboration. At the same time, it is explained with some special topics, hoping to provide useful reference for all sectors of society.

At present, artificial intelligence technology is developing vigorously, widely empowering thousands of industries, and bringing profound changes to human production and life. While artificial intelligence promotes social development, there are also risks and challenges.

A large number of artificial intelligence governance and development principles have been formed all over the world. The next step is to put the abstract principles into practice. As an important force in the research and development and application of enterprise artificial intelligence technology, it is urgent to explore a set of artificial intelligence governance practice system suitable for its own business development, implement all governance requirements into the whole life cycle of artificial intelligence, and lay the foundation for the release of artificial intelligence dividends with effective governance, thus accelerating the realization of sustainable development vision.

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