Generative AI is deliberately hyping the heat.

Generative AI is deliberately hyping the heat.

Shirin Ghaffary, a senior editor of Vox magazine, said that although people’s propaganda of generative artificial intelligence is too exaggerated, in most people’s eyes, generative artificial intelligence is far superior to the concepts of web3.0 and metauniverse. Millions of people can use generative artificial intelligence to write, draw, or write code.

Although it is still a new technology, in fact, everyone can quickly understand the potential value of generative artificial intelligence technology in applications like ChatGPT, DALL-E or Lensa.

Therefore, many companies are scrambling to benefit from both large and small models. In Silicon Valley, in the last 20 years, there has been no substantial technological breakthrough. And the personal computer that appeared in the 1980 s; The network was widely used in the 1990s. At the beginning of this century, mobile phones and software packages based on mobile phones occupied a dominant position.

Now, the technical field is looking forward to the next important technology. Some people speculate that it will be Web3.0 or AR/VR. Nowadays, many people regard generative AI as a powerful direction. But in Silicon Valley, there is often a feeling of being too ambitious about new technologies.

After witnessing the prosperity and decline of digital currency and the ambitious metauniverse, many people may ask: Is the prosperity of productive artificial intelligence just a kind of propaganda? Like Google and Microsoft, technology giants such as Meta, Snap, Instacart are rapidly introducing artificial intelligence technology into their mainstream software.

With the increasing shortage of capital in Silicon Valley, the heated discussion on generative AI has triggered a wave of investment from new startups. In the last month of this year, the biggest venture capital of the two industries were concentrated on the startups of production artificial intelligence. Jasper is a marketing website in Austin, Texas, USA. It just completed its first investment of $125 million in October, valued at $15 billion.

In the same month, StabiliteAI, a company with offices in London and San Francisco, also claimed to have received an initial investment of $101 million.

"We will encounter such a wave of technology every 14 years." James Courier, co-founder of technology venture capital firm NFX, said.

Since ChatGPT gained more than 100 million monthly users in January, some analysts said that more and more startups are trying to introduce this technology into the commercial field, develop enterprise-level applications based on its language mode, or use similar generative artificial intelligence features.


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