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Dragon City: The special relationship between Dong Ni and Jiang Yi doomed Xi Jue and Jiang Yi to miss this life.

Jiang Yi and Dong Ni have known each other since high school, and they have been deskmates for a long time. Since graduation, the two still maintain close contact, and Jiang Yi has become Tony’s best friend. It can be said that both Tony and Jiang Yi know each other like a few treasures, and everyone knows the secrets clearly. And Tony’s husband Fang Jinghui was also introduced to Tony by Jiang Yi.

Fang Jinghui and Jiang Yi are alumni, and there was a relationship between them. Although there was no explanation for the reason for the separation, Jiang Yi’s attitude towards Jing Hui was enough to explain everything. After the two broke up, Jiang Yi also helped to introduce Fang Jinghui, and Fang Jinghui would ask Jiang Yi for help if she had something to do. This relationship at least proved that they were separated peacefully at that time.It is precisely because of this special relationship that the relationship between Dong Ni’s younger brother Xi Jue and Jiang Yi is doomed to end in vain.

Xi Jue and Jiang Yi met at the right time when Xi Jue ended his last relationship. At that time, Xi Jue had just been lovelorn, and after blessing his brother-in-law and Chen Yan with tears, Xi Jue drank alone in the bar. It was Jiang Yi’s appearance that made Xi Jue feel that the time of lovelorn was not so difficult. One person’s wine became two people drinking together. Xi Jue was very happy that when he was sad, someone accompanied him. At that time, Jiang Yi had begun to tease him intentionally or unintentionally.

She said to the drunken Xi JueThe best way to heal the last relationship is to start the next one. Can you believe this is what a woman who has not divorced successfully said to a man who has just lost love?. Jiang Yi is so free and easy. She is very concerned about her feelings and dares to love and hate. However, Xi Jue’s serious attitude towards everything makes Jiang Yi particularly fascinated. But such a hasty start has doomed that there will be no small contradiction between the two.

Xi Jue lacks a sense of security since childhood, and he needs love from others very much. As Dongni said, as long as a woman is kind to him, Xi Jue will be moved, because compared with the so-called love, Xi Jue only cares about having someone to accompany him, take care of himself, and find a place to place his love, and Jiang Yi is just such a person. Considering his brother-in-law’s emotional problems after his marriage, Dongni asked Xi Jue to live in Jiang Yi’s home. When Jiang Yi learned about it, he played along and moved in with Xi Jue.

In this way, after getting along with each other day after day, the two men gradually became attached to each other. Xi Jue liked the feeling of staying at home so quietly. They tasted the rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea together in front of the pots and pans at home, which made Xi Jue feel more secure. He seemed to have found another home besides Zheng Jia. Jiang Yi also feels that it is good to have Xi Jue to accompany her lonely self. Xi Jue is good at taking care of people, cooking and doing housework, and is especially considerate of Jiang Yi, which makes Jiang Yi, who has been wandering like duckweed for a long time, seem to find a home. The two slowly fell in love with each other.

Jiang Yi is Tony’s best friend, and she introduced Fang Jinghui to Tony. After Tony gave birth to Zheng Chenggong, she started a seesaw battle for divorce because of the contradiction with Fang Jinghui. Dongni is very smart. She never allows herself to suffer. She has long thought about it. This marriage can be divorced from Fang Jinghui, but she must get what she deserves from it. In order to successfully get money and children, Jiang Yi indirectly became a tool for the two to compete.

Dong Ni transferred Fang Jinghui’s property, and directly transferred 50,000 euros under Fang Jinghui’s name to Jiang Yi’s account without asking Jiang Yi’s consent, but Jiang Yi didn’t know anything about it, and finally he was informed by Dong Ni temporarily by phone. Jiang Yi, who seems indifferent on the surface, is actually very concerned about this matter in her heart. Later, Tony asked Jiang Yi to find a relationship for himself and wanted to sell Fang Jinghui’s patent. Jiang Yi finally found a buyer and was cut off by Fang Jinghui, which fell short. In order to convince Tony, Jiang Yi could only let Xi Jue tell Tony about it for himself.

For Dong Ni, Jiang Yi is her best friend, so her mind naturally feels that Jiang Yi should be on her own side. In the tug-of-war of divorce with Fang Jinghui, Dong Ni didn’t even give Jiang Yi time to react, so she directly pulled Jiang Yi into her own camp, but Jiang Yi’s heart was actually very difficult. Dongni didn’t give her the right to choose, but directly pulled herself to the opposite of Fang Jinghui. On the other hand, what makes Jiang Yi very uncomfortable is that even Xi Jue often hangs himself aside for the sake of Dongni.

For example, when Nan Yin had an accident, everyone thought it was Jiang Yi’s fault. For Nan Yin’s sake, Xi Jue also stood up and accused Jiang Yi of being irresponsible and not serious about her feelings. After knowing the news of Nan Yin, she chose Nan Yin and left Jiang Yi at the first time. Later, when something happened to Dongni’s family, Xijue became Dongni’s guardian angel, helping her take care of her children and venting her anger. When Dongni’s mood collapsed, Xijue was always with her.Even if he has established a relationship with Jiang Yi, he will still choose Dongni between Jiang Yi and Dongni. As long as Dongni has an accident, he is always the fastest person.

What makes Jiang Yi even more unacceptable is that,When Tony told himself that he loved himself, it was because of Tony.At that time, Tony’s son Zheng Chenggong was taken away by Fang Jinghui. Everyone suspected that Jiang Yi had taken Zheng Chenggong’s birth certificate. Xi Jue said that he believed Jiang Yi on the surface, but in fact he still had doubts, so he chose to find Jiang Yi and wanted to test Jiang Yi’s attitude by innuendo. Jiang Yi thought that Xi Jue came to see himself specially, but he didn’t expect to be the object of suspicion, and Xi Jue even said that he loved himself at this time. Jiang Yi suddenly felt very funny and sad. Her imaginary love was shattered, and she also broke up with Xi Jue.

Jiang Yi cheated Xi Jue, and when she was not a single person in the legal sense, she was ambiguous with Xi Jue, but after the incident of her brother-in-law and Chen Yan, Xi Jue knew very well that she should never be an intervener in other people’s feelings or marriage relationship. No matter what contradiction between Jiang Yi and her husband, she should not get involved in this relationship at this time. His reason and principles did not allow him to do so, but Jiang Yi felt that Xi Jue was too serious, and she was with her own.

From the attitude towards love, we can see that there is a big difference between Jiang Yi and Xi Jue. Jiang Yi only wants a feeling that can make him happy, but Xi Jue treats feelings more seriously. He doesn’t allow his feelings to have any impurities, even if they don’t look good on the surface. Later, after a period of separation, although the two met again, the problem of this western decision made Jiang Yi see this relationship clearly.

She thought there was still hope between herself and Xi Jue. Xi Jue cared that she was married, so Jiang Yi went out clean and gave Xi Jue a clean self. However, after meeting Xi Jue again,Jiang Yi found that Xi Jue really cares too much about Dongni, and this concern has even surpassed the simple sister-brother relationship.No matter how much Jiang Yi yearns for Xi Jue’s love and companionship, as long as something happens to Dong Ni, Xi Jue will always choose Dong Ni. Jiang Yi realized that there would always be a Dong Ni between herself and Xi Jue, and that she couldn’t compete with Dong Ni anyway, so Jiang Yi wanted to give up.

Jiang Yi once told Xi Jue that he wanted to be his favorite person, and this relationship must be more intimate and important than the identity of Xi Jue’s family, but Xi Jue told her that if they were together, he would also treat Jiang Yi as his family. Jiang Yi thought clearly at that time, Xi Jue could never let go of his sister in his life, and even if he married Xi Jue, she still could not replace Dong Ni’s position in Xi Jue’s heart. Whenever, Dong Ni was the most important person. It is precisely because of the existence of Dongni that Xijue and Jiangyi are doomed to never get together.

IPL 2021: Maxwell’s perfect night, Patel’s hat-trick conjure a nightmare for MI

Glenn Maxwell scripted one of the most unforgettable nights for Royal Challengers Bangalore — he shellacked 56 runs off 37 balls, took two wickets for 23 runs and snatched a terrific catch to furnish Virat Kohli’s side a memorable win over Mumbai Indians. He had two canny accomplices too — hat-trick hero Harshal Patel and comeback man Yuzvendra Chahal.

Maxwell’s perfect night

To the assortment of conventional strokes Glenn Maxwell has reversed—the sweep, pull, slog—you could add the ramp too, as though he is planning to publish a cricket lexicon of his own. As if pulling off the usual ramp is not complicated enough—though a T20 staple, few accomplish it with a high success percentage —he does it the opposite way to his own utter amusement and without any eye-shirking contortions of the body.

Twice he unfurled the stroke against Adam Milne. The first came as a shock when no one was expecting daredevilry. Pirouetting like a gymnast, he opened himself up, and dinked the ball past the third man. The next arrived in Milne’s 17-run over — after reverse-sweeping (or was it reverse slog?) him — dabbing him fine of the short third-man fielder, with another nimble flip.