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What is artificial intelligence (AI) and what impact does it have on our lives?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that simulates human thinking and behavior. It can perform various tasks through learning, reasoning and self-improvement. In the past decades, with the improvement of computer performance and the increase of data volume, artificial intelligence has become the core technology in many fields. Here are some things that artificial intelligence can do:

1. Natural language processing: Natural language processing (NLP) refers to the interaction between computer and natural language, and makes it understand, analyze and generate text or oral information. NLP can be used in translation, question answering system, chat robot and so on.

2. Machine learning: Machine learning (ML) is a method of building models based on data and using these models to make predictions or decisions. ML can be used for image classification, voice recognition, advertisement recommendation and so on.

3. Computer vision: Computer vision (CV) involves the analysis and interpretation of digital images or videos. CV can be used for face recognition, security monitoring and so on.

4. Intelligent manufacturing: Intelligent manufacturing uses IOT sensors to collect a large amount of data on the production line, and uses AI technology to optimize the production process and improve efficiency and quality.

5. Health care: AI technology is being actively adopted in the health care field to help doctors better diagnose patients and develop new treatment programs.

6. Self-driving cars: Self-driving cars need to perceive the surrounding environment in real time and make decisions. In this process, AI technologies such as deep learning need to be used.

7. Aerospace industry: The aerospace industry is also actively adopting AI technology to improve flight safety and optimize flight path planning.

8. Entertainment industry: AI is becoming more and more popular, such as virtual reality games, video games, audio synthesis and even movie special effects.

Generally speaking, due to its powerful and flexible functions, artificial intelligence is being widely used in various fields, and there will be more possibilities in the future.

Generative AI is deliberately hyping the heat.

Shirin Ghaffary, a senior editor of Vox magazine, said that although people’s propaganda of generative artificial intelligence is too exaggerated, in most people’s eyes, generative artificial intelligence is far superior to the concepts of web3.0 and metauniverse. Millions of people can use generative artificial intelligence to write, draw, or write code.

Although it is still a new technology, in fact, everyone can quickly understand the potential value of generative artificial intelligence technology in applications like ChatGPT, DALL-E or Lensa.

Therefore, many companies are scrambling to benefit from both large and small models. In Silicon Valley, in the last 20 years, there has been no substantial technological breakthrough. And the personal computer that appeared in the 1980 s; The network was widely used in the 1990s. At the beginning of this century, mobile phones and software packages based on mobile phones occupied a dominant position.

Now, the technical field is looking forward to the next important technology. Some people speculate that it will be Web3.0 or AR/VR. Nowadays, many people regard generative AI as a powerful direction. But in Silicon Valley, there is often a feeling of being too ambitious about new technologies.

After witnessing the prosperity and decline of digital currency and the ambitious metauniverse, many people may ask: Is the prosperity of productive artificial intelligence just a kind of propaganda? Like Google and Microsoft, technology giants such as Meta, Snap, Instacart are rapidly introducing artificial intelligence technology into their mainstream software.

With the increasing shortage of capital in Silicon Valley, the heated discussion on generative AI has triggered a wave of investment from new startups. In the last month of this year, the biggest venture capital of the two industries were concentrated on the startups of production artificial intelligence. Jasper is a marketing website in Austin, Texas, USA. It just completed its first investment of $125 million in October, valued at $15 billion.

In the same month, StabiliteAI, a company with offices in London and San Francisco, also claimed to have received an initial investment of $101 million.

"We will encounter such a wave of technology every 14 years." James Courier, co-founder of technology venture capital firm NFX, said.

Since ChatGPT gained more than 100 million monthly users in January, some analysts said that more and more startups are trying to introduce this technology into the commercial field, develop enterprise-level applications based on its language mode, or use similar generative artificial intelligence features.

Durex, it is harder and harder!

Magical brainstorm

Don’t want to come out from the nest

Authorized reprinted advertising circles (ID: Copyquan)

The material is from the network

A few days ago is Thanksgiving, distinguishing between most brands, "Thanks", Dures will focus on the day of the international anti-domestic violence day.

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We note that one of the posters is based on men, this time, Durez proposes to "reject all domestic violence, regardless of gender", let more people pay attention to "hidden men"

The first two years of international anti-domestic violence day Duris also took the borrowing poster:



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Is used to find lost items

Particopes have independent personality

Not item


Cover skin

Wound and silt

Not awkward

Wedding ring is used

Witness the marriage vows

Violation of sexual behavior against partners

No vows protection

Headphones are used

Isolation noise

Sound of partner talking

Not noise

Curtain is used

Blocked privacy


Not privacy

We understand your silence

It’s too concealed call for help.

Bear suffering

Not your obligation to be a family member

However, after 2019, Durex’s bottles is the old lady, the heat and the written case are not as good as one year. Occasionally, there is an out-of-one, and it is also questioned to be "returning to the light".

After Durex responsible for the daily social succeed ring at the door, no longer "every holiday hot spots will be an occasion to" Durex, ever since "419 roll" will become more silence.

[Review] rollover

▼ ▼

Durex X hi tea

(Original micro-Bo has been deleted)


"FML really disgusting."

"They could there thought he was senior copywriter?"

"It is the combination of a sperm and cheese? Vomit"

"Can not look directly at the hi tea"

"Real sick."

"Hi Tea bye, will not buy anymore."


After replacing


There are hungry yet, Amoy vote have also caught


Late to remedy the situation, forced to pull the statue was too late, the whole operation down wave criticized: Merry and dirty only one word, the car overturned and just a step away.

After May Day, 61, the college entrance examination, the Dragon Boat Festival, Lin Chi-ling married, Father’s Day and other hot holiday or occasion …… Durex continuous absence.

Black does not blow, the Durex and after a door interaction and cooperation and there have been "domineering return."

Durex occasion "Game of Thrones" launch the final quarter, from copywriting to design a poster, not only highly correlated with the tone of the brand and the theme is very fit occasion, was excellent case!

Unfortunately, absent for later occasion, holidays are quiet as chicken, people can not help but miss the classic case from Durex those years:

First, the hot topic [class]


"Durex shoe covers rainy night legend"

"Beijing today storm, thanks to the bag there are two Durex"

Many people may not remember that heavy rain Beijing in 2011, but for Durex, the "shoe covers rainy night Legend" is a landmark marketing case, more is on the most important social media marketing moment.


Beijing sandstorm


"Huang pays lovers, the day is yellow, is better AiR." That time Beijing’s air quality is often widely Tucao, dust storms this day we are "yellow map" a scraper. Durex as "yellow net" handle bar will not give up plug in the foot, word pun, in the phrase.


Blue-black or platinum?


Looking back, the color of the dispute on this skirt can be described as Huobian north and south, Durex has launched a poster occasion:

"So this is slightly black and blue?"



Travel "frog"


"I have been planned, never seem to leave." Durex this "frog" was not easy!

1. bedside teaching biology class map and a bunch of paper towels

Display screen on the 91pxxx.com 2. Computer

3. hung on the wall of their dead brothers photo

4. closet store a variety of goods

5. downstairs darts and target practice launch

6. The flame for fire hydrants

7. The edge of the delivery tube blue thin air jacket AIR

8. The look is "little yellow book"

This brain Dong Zhen is to kneel! ! !


The hot spots also do not chase chase. When fall # # Ximeng Yao buzz continued to soar, many enthusiastic users have more reminders @ Durex occasion, but it was Durex social person in charge – when the old gold ring clear: this is not about us!

Not only did not let the absence of such users are disappointed, but gain a praise.

Second, the [class] occasion to film


Durex movies on occasion also well worth a look! "After the meeting my wife," "a Du away" and other films, from the title to the poster are Durex play bad.

"Li Lu Yao Timah" The film is accompanied by Durex: "Tonight, time will tell," the copy …… It is no doubt the car!

Movie "All things grow" release countdown day Durex: all things "stretch" only a thin one day. Too tainted!

Third, the album category [copy]

Four Seasons poems



do not talk

You’re not feeling "wet" people

Just read the 69

"Species" used a vivid word

Subway: I did not mean that!

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Soft as a cat you love


Body Language Say I Love You

My mom will not let me play the fool and

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Durex simple?

I do not believe!

Love handles do not deserve to play this game

Baji mouth and perhaps taste

But the most beautiful red sunset

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Contracted an entire warm winter

So itchy eh

We do not have air conditioning and heating up

You are JiangTaiGong, I just fish

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Fourth, the class [holiday]

Thanksgiving Day


2017 Thanksgiving Day, from 10 am to 23:00 pm, Durex breath thanks to the 13 brands!

13 posters, the "Thanksgiving" and "Durex" as a fixed element, there is no sense of violation and grafted various brands.

Not only receive a "thank you" brand who will respond, not thanks Durex brand list there are some eager to take the initiative to strike up a conversation. In this way, you come to me, the realization of the positive interaction between the brand and take this chance to win, so far as people talked about.


# # Christmas Eve gift to take from the tree


Dragon boat festival


"Dragon Boat Festival, you eat it?"


"First stripping clothes, eat rice."


Durex poster occasion before the rollover called the explosion models every year! From the screen to the content, it seems to say all those things the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is more than it seems to say those things, not only to convey the tone of the brand, the Dragon Boat Festival in turn to show the creative head.

College entrance examination

"Long play"


True long!

After reviewing years of classic occasion Durex, look at their social marketing today, the biggest feeling is: Durex hard.

Compared to the previous implant soft "still holds partly concealed", or simply closed now Durex wheat, or go straight.

Some people say: Durex pursuit of hot spots were praised, traffic can not be converted to sales …… but featured Jun believe sales is important, but also essential traffic, and gave up the chase occasion to traffic hot spots, sales will certainly It has increased it?

Perhaps Durex brand building, will focus on the aspects to promote its goods and sell products, there will be more practical returns. But it is undeniable, that had been pampered occasion altar of countless advertising Durex, has changed.

Interactive today

For Durex What do you think?