Durex, it is harder and harder!

Magical brainstorm

Don’t want to come out from the nest

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A few days ago is Thanksgiving, distinguishing between most brands, "Thanks", Dures will focus on the day of the international anti-domestic violence day.

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We note that one of the posters is based on men, this time, Durez proposes to "reject all domestic violence, regardless of gender", let more people pay attention to "hidden men"

The first two years of international anti-domestic violence day Duris also took the borrowing poster:



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Is used to find lost items

Particopes have independent personality

Not item


Cover skin

Wound and silt

Not awkward

Wedding ring is used

Witness the marriage vows

Violation of sexual behavior against partners

No vows protection

Headphones are used

Isolation noise

Sound of partner talking

Not noise

Curtain is used

Blocked privacy


Not privacy

We understand your silence

It’s too concealed call for help.

Bear suffering

Not your obligation to be a family member

However, after 2019, Durex’s bottles is the old lady, the heat and the written case are not as good as one year. Occasionally, there is an out-of-one, and it is also questioned to be "returning to the light".

After Durex responsible for the daily social succeed ring at the door, no longer "every holiday hot spots will be an occasion to" Durex, ever since "419 roll" will become more silence.

[Review] rollover

▼ ▼

Durex X hi tea

(Original micro-Bo has been deleted)


"FML really disgusting."

"They could there thought he was senior copywriter?"

"It is the combination of a sperm and cheese? Vomit"

"Can not look directly at the hi tea"

"Real sick."

"Hi Tea bye, will not buy anymore."


After replacing


There are hungry yet, Amoy vote have also caught


Late to remedy the situation, forced to pull the statue was too late, the whole operation down wave criticized: Merry and dirty only one word, the car overturned and just a step away.

After May Day, 61, the college entrance examination, the Dragon Boat Festival, Lin Chi-ling married, Father’s Day and other hot holiday or occasion …… Durex continuous absence.

Black does not blow, the Durex and after a door interaction and cooperation and there have been "domineering return."

Durex occasion "Game of Thrones" launch the final quarter, from copywriting to design a poster, not only highly correlated with the tone of the brand and the theme is very fit occasion, was excellent case!

Unfortunately, absent for later occasion, holidays are quiet as chicken, people can not help but miss the classic case from Durex those years:

First, the hot topic [class]


"Durex shoe covers rainy night legend"

"Beijing today storm, thanks to the bag there are two Durex"

Many people may not remember that heavy rain Beijing in 2011, but for Durex, the "shoe covers rainy night Legend" is a landmark marketing case, more is on the most important social media marketing moment.


Beijing sandstorm


"Huang pays lovers, the day is yellow, is better AiR." That time Beijing’s air quality is often widely Tucao, dust storms this day we are "yellow map" a scraper. Durex as "yellow net" handle bar will not give up plug in the foot, word pun, in the phrase.


Blue-black or platinum?


Looking back, the color of the dispute on this skirt can be described as Huobian north and south, Durex has launched a poster occasion:

"So this is slightly black and blue?"



Travel "frog"


"I have been planned, never seem to leave." Durex this "frog" was not easy!

1. bedside teaching biology class map and a bunch of paper towels

Display screen on the 91pxxx.com 2. Computer

3. hung on the wall of their dead brothers photo

4. closet store a variety of goods

5. downstairs darts and target practice launch

6. The flame for fire hydrants

7. The edge of the delivery tube blue thin air jacket AIR

8. The look is "little yellow book"

This brain Dong Zhen is to kneel! ! !


The hot spots also do not chase chase. When fall # # Ximeng Yao buzz continued to soar, many enthusiastic users have more reminders @ Durex occasion, but it was Durex social person in charge – when the old gold ring clear: this is not about us!

Not only did not let the absence of such users are disappointed, but gain a praise.

Second, the [class] occasion to film


Durex movies on occasion also well worth a look! "After the meeting my wife," "a Du away" and other films, from the title to the poster are Durex play bad.

"Li Lu Yao Timah" The film is accompanied by Durex: "Tonight, time will tell," the copy …… It is no doubt the car!

Movie "All things grow" release countdown day Durex: all things "stretch" only a thin one day. Too tainted!

Third, the album category [copy]

Four Seasons poems



do not talk

You’re not feeling "wet" people

Just read the 69

"Species" used a vivid word

Subway: I did not mean that!

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Soft as a cat you love


Body Language Say I Love You

My mom will not let me play the fool and

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Durex simple?

I do not believe!

Love handles do not deserve to play this game

Baji mouth and perhaps taste

But the most beautiful red sunset

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Contracted an entire warm winter

So itchy eh

We do not have air conditioning and heating up

You are JiangTaiGong, I just fish

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Fourth, the class [holiday]

Thanksgiving Day


2017 Thanksgiving Day, from 10 am to 23:00 pm, Durex breath thanks to the 13 brands!

13 posters, the "Thanksgiving" and "Durex" as a fixed element, there is no sense of violation and grafted various brands.

Not only receive a "thank you" brand who will respond, not thanks Durex brand list there are some eager to take the initiative to strike up a conversation. In this way, you come to me, the realization of the positive interaction between the brand and take this chance to win, so far as people talked about.


# # Christmas Eve gift to take from the tree


Dragon boat festival


"Dragon Boat Festival, you eat it?"


"First stripping clothes, eat rice."


Durex poster occasion before the rollover called the explosion models every year! From the screen to the content, it seems to say all those things the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is more than it seems to say those things, not only to convey the tone of the brand, the Dragon Boat Festival in turn to show the creative head.

College entrance examination

"Long play"


True long!

After reviewing years of classic occasion Durex, look at their social marketing today, the biggest feeling is: Durex hard.

Compared to the previous implant soft "still holds partly concealed", or simply closed now Durex wheat, or go straight.

Some people say: Durex pursuit of hot spots were praised, traffic can not be converted to sales …… but featured Jun believe sales is important, but also essential traffic, and gave up the chase occasion to traffic hot spots, sales will certainly It has increased it?

Perhaps Durex brand building, will focus on the aspects to promote its goods and sell products, there will be more practical returns. But it is undeniable, that had been pampered occasion altar of countless advertising Durex, has changed.

Interactive today

For Durex What do you think?

Heavy weight! Haiqing video brand VI new upgrade

With the development of high data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc. In 2021, China’s artificial intelligent industry has reached 203.56 billion yuan, a growth rate of 28.8%.

Science and technology development promotes the sudden rise in industry, with artificial intelligence core algorithm, energy intelligence, etc. The trend of cross-border fusion is more obvious. This important opportunity, recent, Haiqing video officially launched a new brand VI image, and the brand strategy is upgraded, starting from a new image.

In 2013, Haiqing video was formally established. Wind and rain, seven years,Haiqing video starts from-side computing product R & D manufacturer transforms for an AI algorithm + product companyTo provide customers with more accurate and efficient product services with more product forms and industrial chain advantages.

Many years of development allows Haiqing video with deep accumulation and precipitation on the brand. The new upgrade of this brand VI will become a cultural symbol on behalf of the company’s brand image, bringing users more calm, trustful feelings, and creates a more professional and commercial value for the company.

Logo rejg, concept upgrade

Haiqing video new version of LOGO design is inspired by visual and infinite symbols. It is guided, leading to the core, and highlights Haiqing video will lead the industry development and promote scientific and technological innovation.

The highly aggressive line plus simple, stable, intuitive font design, reflects the overall brand image of Haiqing video, the scientific skills and futuristic coexistence, that is, the industry attributes of Haiqing video, meaning that Haiqing video is steadily developing Innovation.

In the application, it will give the company’s logo element for refining, with blue, white for the main color adjustment in company business card, work card, handbag, and Yi Li treasure and other office environment, print publications and other materials, and strengthen Haiqing in daily The penetration and participation of life work, the diversified design style also makes the public have a more deep memory point for the sea.


Brand upgrade and break, build a vision of AI

Brand is invisible for business. Brand VI is the most direct ring of corporate image and public contact, it is necessary to continuously adjust and change according to the development of the company’s development trajectory and brand. In particular, in 2020, as the development of Haiqing video, based on 7 years of sedimentation accumulation and market situation, brand strategy is the result of the development evolution of the company.

At the same time, as an important part of the upgrade construction of Hailing video strategyTechnology exhibition hallSuccessfully closed, lasting about 3 months, covering an area of ??about 500m2. The entire exhibition hall is mainly coveredCompany introduction, strategic development, technical display area, product experience area, qualification honorIn terms of, the technology and product strength of Haiqing video is displayed in all directions.

Haiqing video

Into the Haiqing Technology Showroom, can be seen by intuitive, image, vivid digital display means and multimedia imaging methods,Applying to the industry, empowering the industrial AI face recognition series products and core algorithmsThe multi-dimensional interpretation of Haiqing brand new brand image and strength. Relying on artificial intelligence depth learning, image identification, AI data storage, etc., which has prompted Haiqing AI face recognition series to continuously update iteration, and has achieved huge success on various scenarios such as smart construction, smart community, intelligent transportation.

AI is being redefined, more and more industries open the wisdom upgrade process, the in-depth expansion of AI + application scenarios, driving the new market pattern.

Haiqing Video has been deeply cultivated in the field of Ai, and scientific and technological strength is widely recognized by the industry. The brand strategy upgrade is the reflection of Haiqing’s response to industry changes and active changes. Since January 2021, Haiqing video will gradually transition to a new brand VI system, and promote the full-time scene of AI.