Shanghai: Life accelerates the orderly recovery of production

Shanghai: Life accelerates the orderly recovery of production

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the grass of the parks and shops in Shanghai; industrial parks, corporate workshops, workers work overtime, rush to make orders, and the normal production and living order is accelerating the recovery.

Yesterday (June 2nd), 80 cases of local diagnosed cases were discharged from Shanghai, and 867 asymptomatic infections were lifted.

Today, many shopping malls and supermarkets in Shanghai opened the door early in the morning to welcome customers, and the breath of traditional festivals came. Shanghai Yuyuan has 17 stores today, including old -fashioned food, domestic snacks, new tea drinks, etc. Traditional old -fashioned rice dumplings, wormwood and puppets in the farmer’s market are all very popular.

Under the premise of doing a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic, in Shanghai’s major industrial parks, workers work overtime to complete the order. In Xuhui Caohejing Industrial Park, more than 1,700 employees who are mainly engaged in automotive chips have arrived today. At present, the production capacity has returned to more than 95%.

The three major ship companies in Shanghai are also busy today. Jiangnan Shipyard today 14,000 front -line employees are on duty. Since the resumption of work in late April, enterprises have adopted various measures to improve production efficiency, and have completed five major shipbuilding nodes, and the production capacity has returned to 95%. This year, Jiangnan Shipyard will complete the order of 19 ships, with a total output value of 27 billion yuan.

Wang Wei, the head of the China Ship Group Jiangnan Shipbuilding, is equipped with the operating area of ??the one -ship -operating area: At present, we have decomposed projects and indicators to improve the efficiency in our construction process, gradually overcome the difficulties of various production, and strive to grasp the progress.


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