RPA Case | Unlocking the Mystery of "RPA Digital Employees" Helping Growth in Real Estate Industry

RPA Case | Unlocking the Mystery of "RPA Digital Employees" Helping Growth in Real Estate Industry

Autumn is getting stronger and the market is turbulent. The impact of the epidemic and the economic downturn, under the pressure of layers, cast a shadow over the growth of many enterprises.

With the increasing regulation policies such as "two centralized land supply", "three red lines" for housing enterprises and "two red lines" for banks, the real estate industry has entered a cold winter. Under the market depression, the net profit margin has continued to decline from 15% in 2011 to 9.6% in 2020.

In order to cope with the industry winter, improve efficiency and reduce costs, many real estate enterprises actively explore the road of digital innovation, resist risks and accelerate transformation.

As a key application field of artificial intelligence, RPA is building a digital employee team for the real estate industry, boosting digital transformation with intelligent productivity, crossing the cycle and continuing to grow.

Cloud expands the automation platform, and becomes a sharp weapon for reducing burden and increasing efficiency in the real estate industry.

Hyperautomation was put forward by Gartner, a world-renowned analysis organization, and was rated as a major global strategic technology trend by Gartner for three consecutive years.

According to Gartner’s definition, "Super-automation means that enterprises use AI artificial intelligence, RPA robot process automation, API integration technology, ML machine learning, event-driven software, and other decision-making processes and automation tool sets to help automate a wider range of business processes."

Super-automation platform, like a digital tool tailored for enterprises, can realize cross-department, cross-business and cross-system data connection, and is automatic, efficient, safe and compliant, so it is a worthy accelerator to reduce burden and increase efficiency.

As the leader of innovation in RPA, Cloud Expansion is committed to building a leading super-automation platform, working with customers and partners to refine the key to building intelligent productivity in the digital practice of thousands of industries.

With the leading innovation strength in the industry, the cloud expansion automatic platform builds scenario solutions, and automatically executes the preset processes in the editor with software robots for real estate business, replacing the tedious manual execution process, helping the real estate industry to reduce the burden, increase efficiency and reshape its growth.

Unlock the secrets of automatic upgrading of real estate enterprises

Based on the research and insight of cloud expansion’s deep-rooted automation operation for many years, nine successful cases of well-known enterprises running through the upstream and downstream industrial chain of real estate are selected, and the Collection of Successful Cases of Cloud Expansion Technology-Special Topics of Real Estate Industry is presented.

This successful case set deeply analyzes typical scene process automation operation methods such as automatic acquisition of operation plan node data, automatic export and upload of cash flow statement, automatic generation of sales report, etc., which brings successful experience of standardization and replication to practitioners, and promotes the real estate industry to accelerate the pace of digital transformation.

Liu Chungang, founder and CEO of Cloud Technology Expansion, said: "Reducing burden and increasing efficiency is the survival topic of many industries under the economic downturn. Cloud expansion is rooted in product innovation, provides super-automatic solutions for typical business scenarios in the industry, and empowers thousands of businesses to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry. The real estate industry automation case set is launched, hoping to show many enterprises the mature experience of the pioneers of digital innovation, help accelerate digitalization with the best path, and realize burden reduction and efficiency increase. "

What you want, there is no future! Cloud expansion focuses on intelligent RPA products and scenario solutions, helping enterprises to release their growth potential and continuously create value for customers, hoping to bring forward-looking vision to more digital enterprises and benefit the development of the industry.


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