AI empowerment of traditional Chinese medicine makes the construction mode of medical community in various counties constantly innovate.

AI empowerment of traditional Chinese medicine makes the construction mode of medical community in various counties constantly innovate.

In recent years, keywords such as medical association and medical community have appeared frequently in the documents of the government and competent departments, and the construction mode of medical association and medical community has been mentioned by everyone. What are the differences between medical association and medical association? What benefits can they bring to the local area? How to build a medical association/medical community? These are the concerns of the leaders of local health departments and hospitals.

What is the difference between "medical community" and "medical association"?

The full name of "medical association" is "medical service community", and the full name of medical association is "medical association construction". "Medical community" refers to a holistic medical organization structure constructed by linking hospitals in a region with other medical service institutions and organizations, emphasizing "community". Its remarkable feature is to realize the integration of people and property, and all medical institutions have the same legal person.

The "medical association" is the integration of medical resources in a certain area to form a system of medical mutual assistance and sharing, and the emphasis is on "association". Urban medical groups, county medical associations, cross-regional specialist alliances and telemedicine collaboration all belong to this category.

County medical service community refers to taking county hospitals as the leader, integrating county and township medical and health resources, and implementing group operation and management. Efforts should be made to reform and improve the management system and operation mechanism of county-level hospitals and township hospitals (community health service centers), and form a service community, a responsibility community, a benefit community and a management community.

Traditional Chinese medicine community highlights the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine.

Medical community is an important part of primary medical care, and the competent department has been emphasizing that Chinese medicine should give full play to its advantages in disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation at the primary level.

In order to avoid the "neglect" of traditional Chinese medicine in the construction of medical community. In 2019, the National Health and Wellness Commission and state administration of traditional chinese medicine jointly issued the "Notice on Promoting the Construction of Close County Medical Community", encouraging county-level Chinese medicine hospitals to take the lead in setting up medical community, "strengthening" the grass-roots Chinese medicine service system, "enhancing" the global Chinese medicine service capacity, and providing effective, high-quality and convenient Chinese medicine services for the masses.

Practice has proved that the traditional Chinese medicine community shows the unique advantages and value role of traditional Chinese medicine in disease prevention and treatment, and plays an important role in solving the problem of "difficult and expensive medical treatment" of grassroots people.

AI empowerment of traditional Chinese medicine vigorously promotes the community of traditional Chinese medicine in the county.

With the continuous enrichment and comprehensive promotion of the application of artificial intelligence of traditional Chinese medicine, medical associations and medical communities in many areas have made great achievements under the empowerment of AI of traditional Chinese medicine.

The following are several representative cases of intelligent Chinese medicine community in Congbao Science and Technology Construction-

Haiyan, Zhejiang: The Benchmark of Digital Reform of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zhejiang Province

Haiyan, Zhejiang Province, initiated the reform mode of Chinese medicine intelligent medical community with "grass-roots Chinese medicine, intelligent application and integrated service" in China. Through the comprehensive coverage of Chinese medicine artificial intelligence in medical institutions at all levels of "county-town-village", the coverage rate and integrated management rate of Chinese medicine community health services in the county reached 100%, meeting the needs of the masses for "convenient access to Chinese medicine, good medical treatment and safe use of Chinese medicine".

Haiyan Intelligent Medical Community of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been running steadily for seven years, reshaping the governance system of traditional Chinese medicine, further standardizing doctors’ diagnosis and treatment behaviors by implementing digital supervision, realizing the integration of traditional Chinese medicine services and managing homogeneous traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment services; Sharing the wisdom Chinese pharmacy breaks the inherent interest chain and service chain of the pharmacy, realizes the linkage of medical treatment, medicine and medical insurance, and realizes the sharing of high-quality Chinese medicine resources; Artificial intelligence application innovates the inheritance mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine, which has changed the traditional mode of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, that is, teachers and disciples, and fathers and sons, and effectively promoted the innovation, inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

At present, more than 200 counties (cities, districts) across the country have visited and studied Haiyan’s modern Chinese medicine health service, and more than 50 counties (cities, districts) have copied and landed; Haiyan was selected into the only 8 grass-roots health comprehensive experimental areas in China, selected into Zhejiang Digital Society Case Collection and Excellent Application Case Collection of Digital Government System, won many national and provincial honors such as Zhejiang Digital Reform Breakthrough Award, and became the benchmark of digital reform of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Province.

Songyang, Zhejiang Province: A Community of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medicine with Integration and Development

Songyang traditional Chinese medicine intelligent medical community model is a way of integration and development. Chinese medicine hospitals and people’s hospitals take the lead in the construction of medical community respectively. All Chinese medicine services in medical institutions led by people’s hospitals are uniformly handed over to Chinese medicine hospitals to provide Chinese medicine services through information channels and intelligent means, and Chinese medicine hospitals provide unified business guidance.

The intelligent solution of basic level Chinese medicine service of Songzhong Intelligent Medicine Community reconstructs the mode of Chinese medicine intelligently, automatically and digitally, and provides all-round one-stop services for patients, such as medical treatment, prescription and distribution, which greatly improves the "good medicine+good medicine" service ability of basic level Chinese medicine.

At present, the number of TCM services in Songyang has reached 750,000 in the past two years, and the coverage rate of TCM in the whole county has basically reached 100% at the village level.

In 2022, Songyang County was awarded the title of "National Advanced Unit of Grass-roots Traditional Chinese Medicine".

Songyang model solved the problem of non-communication of traditional Chinese medicine services among different medical communities, responded to the multi-development construction required by the policy documents, reconstructed the county traditional Chinese medicine service model with traditional Chinese medicine artificial intelligence, and effectively promoted the coexistence and development of the two medical communities.

Xindu District, Chengdu: Top Three Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine takes the lead in building the intelligent community of traditional Chinese medicine.

Xindu District Traditional Chinese Medicine Community is led by Chengdu Xindu District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, covering the township medical institutions, village clinics and community health service stations under its jurisdiction. With the help of the intelligent platform of traditional Chinese medicine, it realizes the three-level deployment of "district-town-village", and realizes the full coverage of traditional Chinese medicine intelligence in primary medical institutions. Medical community helps doctors to quickly improve clinical service level, improve medical quality, reduce medical risks, and give full play to the advantages of "simplicity, convenience, cheapness and examination" of traditional Chinese medicine at the grassroots level.

At the 2021 Grassroots Health Innovation and Development Conference, with its outstanding highlights in many aspects, such as information intelligence of traditional Chinese medicine, circulation of Chinese herbal pieces, management of human resources, etc., Chengdu Xindu District Traditional Chinese Medicine Intelligent Medical Community won the 3rd Excellent Case Award for Grassroots Innovation, which is the only case that a traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Sichuan Province exchanged at the conference.

Xindu District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as a top-three Chinese medicine hospital, takes "internet plus Traditional Chinese Medicine" as its starting point, and with the help of the intelligent system of traditional Chinese medicine, has gradually established a compact county-level intelligent community of traditional Chinese medicine, forming a service working mechanism of cooperation between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine and linkage between institutions and teams, which has improved the county-level traditional Chinese medicine service capacity as a whole.

Changshu: a medical community of specialized alliances inherited by regional schools

Changshu City, Jiangsu Province is one of the 567 "pilot counties of compact county-level medical community" in China. Through information and intelligent technology, Changshu Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist Alliance Project has established a digital Chinese medicine service system that comprehensively covers three-level medical institutions and regulatory departments, such as Changshu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, 31 township hospitals and village clinics, and built Changshu Traditional Chinese Medicine decocting center to realize the empowerment of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, inheritance, and supervision.

Changshu Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist Alliance takes the digital reform of traditional Chinese medicine as the starting point, highlights the first-mover advantages of digital governance in Changshu and the characteristic advantages of "Yushan Medical School", and combines the local Yushan Medical School live transmission with the intelligent specialist construction in primary medical institutions, effectively improving medical quality, promoting academic brand, strengthening the construction of Chinese medicine talents, and making contributions to enhancing people’s sense of access to Chinese medicine services.

Anji, Zhejiang: Comprehensive supervision of TCM data of multi-medical community

Anji Intelligent Cloud Platform of Traditional Chinese Medicine takes Anji County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine as the lead hospital, builds it in Anji No.2 Medical Community, and realizes the full coverage of grass-roots traditional Chinese medicine services. Combined with the experience sharing of grass-roots famous Chinese medicine practitioners and the construction of curative effect evaluation system, it can realize "local experience and local use" at low cost, so that high-quality traditional Chinese medicine resources can sink to the grass-roots level.

At the same time, the construction of the medical community platform has promoted the formation of regional Chinese medicine big data, and realized the interconnection and comprehensive supervision of the Chinese medicine service data of the three major medical communities in the county and the Women’s Insurance Institute. Through these data, the regulatory authorities can not only control medical institutions more effectively, but also set up specialist training plans according to local conditions, introduce expert experience, and promote the scientific research progress of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tonglu, Zhejiang Province: Building a traceability platform for the whole process of Chinese medicine services

Tongjun traditional Chinese medicine culture in Tonglu county was included in the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects. In order to promote the digital reform of traditional Chinese medicine, innovate the service mode of traditional Chinese medicine, and improve the service ability and supervision ability of traditional Chinese medicine, Tonglu has built a "1+7+2" whole-process traceability management system, which realizes the traceability supervision of the whole process of traditional Chinese medicine planting from the source to the end people, and empowers the development of local traditional Chinese medicine planting industry.

The achievements of the construction of the intelligent medical community of traditional Chinese medicine of Bao Science and Technology have spread all over the country, and the model is very flexible according to local conditions. Some of them combine and make use of local advantages, break the existing pattern, and solve service problems through medical integration; Some are integrated development. Under the unified coordination, the department in charge of business takes the lead, and the Chinese medicine hospital is responsible for a unified guidance and guidance of the Chinese medicine business in the whole region.

Review of national policy history

Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Graded Diagnosis and Treatment System in 2015

Put forward clearly the establishment of medical cooperation modes such as medical association;

Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction and Development of Medical Consortium in 2017

Define the construction mode of medical association, implement the construction pilot and carry out the assessment;

Notice on Promoting the Construction of Close County Medical and Health Community in 2019

Encourage all localities to build various types and modes of medical community in combination with the actual situation;

Encourage qualified county-level Chinese medicine hospitals to take the lead in setting up medical communities;

Notice on Practically Strengthening the Work of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Construction of Medical Consortium in 2019

Put forward the concept of "three noes" clearly;

It is not allowed to cancel or merge Chinese medicine hospitals in disguised form in the construction of medical associations.

May not change its functional orientation,

Do not weaken the construction of TCM hospitals for various reasons;

It also points out that qualified Chinese medicine hospitals should build shared pharmacies;

Administrative Measures of Medical Consortium (Trial) in 2020

Introduce the management measures of medical association and propose to speed up the construction of medical association;

Emphasize strengthening the construction of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals again;

At the same time, encourage Chinese medicine hospitals to take the lead in setting up various forms of medical association construction;

2020 "Evaluation Criteria and Monitoring Index System for the Construction of Close County Medical and Health Community (Trial)"

Evaluate the implementation of relevant institutional mechanism reform and the integration of county medical and health resources through qualitative indicators, and measure the tightness of county medical community construction;

Monitoring the actual effect of county medical community construction through quantitative indicators

2021 Opinions on Further Strengthening Chinese Medicine Work in General Hospitals and Promoting the Coordinated Development of Chinese and Western Medicine

Taking graded diagnosis and treatment, medical association and the construction of close county medical community as the starting point, we will promote the work of traditional Chinese medicine in general hospitals, and promote the construction and improvement of the graded diagnosis and treatment service system of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.

2022 Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Implementation of Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Public Hospitals

Accelerate the full coverage of county-run TCM medical institutions, and support TCM hospitals to take the lead in setting up county-level medical communities.

Hebei, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, Qinghai, Hunan, Anhui, Guangdong and other provinces have also successively issued their own implementation plans and opinions to promote the high-quality development of public hospitals.

In 2022, Shandong Province issued additional clauses and grading standards (provisional) in the detailed rules for the implementation of the evaluation standards of secondary and tertiary Chinese medicine hospitals.

Two traditional Chinese medicine hospitals must take the lead in setting up a compact county medical and health community, and if it is not carried out, 10 points will be deducted directly.

In 2022, the "14th Five-Year Plan of Action" of the grassroots Chinese medicine service capacity improvement project

By 2025, grass-roots Chinese medicine will achieve five "full coverage": county-run Chinese medicine medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, clinics), community health service centers and township hospitals, grass-roots Chinese medicine service provision, grass-roots Chinese medicine personnel allocation, and grass-roots Chinese medicine health education.

Steadily promote the reform of grass-roots traditional Chinese medicine, and do a good job in the construction of county-level compact medical community led by traditional Chinese medicine hospitals.


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