Reinkel, a famous football player, was removed by BBC for criticizing Sunak’s policy, and Sunak made a self-defense.

Reinkel, a famous football player, was removed by BBC for criticizing Sunak’s policy, and Sunak made a self-defense.

[Global Network Report] Gary Lineker, a former famous English striker and the host of the BBC football program, recently criticized the British government’s policy on illegal immigration on Twitter, and things continued to ferment in Britain. According to a report by British Independent Television on the 11th local time, the BBC has now dismissed Reinkel as the host of "Daily Events", and British Prime Minister Sunak voiced his voice on this matter, defending the British government policy, and said that he hoped that the situation between Reinkel and BBC "could be solved in time".

According to reports, Sunak said in a statement, "As the Prime Minister, I must do what I think is right, but I also understand that not everyone will agree. This is why I have always made a decisive decision on the issue of stopping ships. "

Sunak said, "Gary Lineker was a great football player and a talented host. I hope the current situation between Gary Lineker and BBC can be resolved in time. But this should be their problem, not the government’s problem. "

On the other hand, Sunak reiterated the legitimacy of the British government’s policy. He said, "There is no simple answer to this problem, but I believe that what the leadership should do is to make difficult decisions to solve the problem. I know that not everyone will agree, but I am sure it is fair and correct to do so. "

Regarding the background of the incident, ITV reported that the British government planned to take measures to prevent illegal immigrants from entering Kofunagoshi through the English Channel, and the British Home Office released a video on Twitter to promote this policy. Reinkel commented on the tweet of the Ministry of the Interior on the 7 th, "There has not been a large influx. We accept far fewer refugees than other major European countries. This is an immeasurable cruel policy for the most vulnerable people, and its (propaganda) wording is no different from that used by Germany in the 1930 s. "

"Independent" said that a British Prime Minister’s spokesman said in response to Reinkel’s remarks on the 8th that "the remarks seem to refute the legitimate concerns about ship crossing and illegal immigration, which is disappointing", and this response increased the pressure on the BBC to take action to withdraw Reinkel.

ITV said that the BBC’s removal of Reinkel triggered resistance from other media sports presenters and experts. alan shearer and ian wright and others had previously announced that they would not appear in the program to support Reinkel. This has caused serious interference to BBC sports programs. According to the report, the "Daily Match" program on the evening of the 11th was quite different from usual, and the time was cut by more than one hour, leaving only 20 minutes. The program was conducted without hosts, experts and regular commentators. According to the British Sky News Network reported on the 11th, two other BBC programs "Football Focus" and "Final Score" were suspended.

British Sky News Network said that after the host and experts quit the program to support Reinkel, BBC President Tim David apologized to the audience, saying, "I’m sorry that the audience was affected and they didn’t watch the program" and described this day (11th) as "a difficult day". According to the report, David didn’t want to say whether he had talked with Reinkel in the past 24 hours, but he told the BBC reporter that "everyone wants to resolve this situation calmly". He also said, "There is no doubt that Gary Lineker is the top figure in this field.".


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